A Grand Day Out

I’ve just come home from my first visit to the HASL/LCAPSV Lunch Club, just around the corner from Elephant and Castle.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I think it’s fair to say that a tremendous time was had by everyone who turned up.

There seemed to be quite a mixture of people there, with a range of interests from across London.  The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and relaxed, and the idea of a group of reasonably like-minded people meeting up to get to know each other over a table crammed with really good food worked amazingly well.  It was great for us all to be able to spend time together and learn a bit about what we are all up to without the pressure of having to organise the next demo, bring down the government or whatever.

There was a slight comedy interlude when the chocolate fountain was turned on – more of a shower than a fountain.  It’s never done that before, apparently :-)

As we were leaving, a passing cyclist stopped, attracted by the name of the venue (Bike Curious) and hoping to find somewhere he could fix his bike.  Although it obviously wasn’t the place he was looking for, we did give him the address of somewhere nearby that he could take his bike, and sent him on his way with a rather nice loaf of bread.  I say “rather nice” because I was fortunate enough to get one myself too, and it is delicious.

I must admit my expectations in getting the Radical Food Network started were really quite vague.  I kind of imagined that if a load of people with a common interest in food came together and did community things, then all kinds of good stuff would come of it.  Beyond that, I didn’t have too clear an idea of where  it might go.  But this is definitely the sort of thing I’d like to see happening more often.

The people who organised this had clearly gone to a lot of effort in setting it all up, and I for one would like to thank everyone involved for making it happen.

2 responses to “A Grand Day Out

  1. I swear to god chocolate that this chocolate foutain was in fully working order…….

  2. Yes,kids had choclate shower in choclate fountain.my son enjoyed baking and drums,i had drag him home.
    It was great meeting different active groups.

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